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Post Production Services

Post production services affords us the opportunity to make a great image exceptional. Computer services and retouching lend a hand and enable us to further refine what the client envisions their product should illustrate.

We have the ability to transform what we see into something that wants to be seen. Our Photoshop services include altering skies, changing color schemes, creating wall elements where none previously existed, removing unwanted obstacles such as telephone poles, people, unkept landscape and replacing it with desirable elements, bringing an otherwise ordinary image into the realm of extraordinary.

When time permits, we evaluate what we've imaged on an Apple Macbook Pro laptop, then to an Apple iPad. This allows us to slowly perfect the image through minute changes in the elements within a room such as furniture, props, lights, or even camera angle. The iPad gives you the opportunity to scrutinize the final image, making sure that before we leave the set, you have the exact image you're looking for. When you're not on the set, images can be sent electronically so you can view them remotely while we're still shooting.

Post production services come into play when you request additional assistance outside the capabilities of image capture. This includes image retouching, photo manipulation, layering & composite projects, or other areas where extensive Photoshop modifications are required.