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Post Production Services

When we shoot, we always shoot RAW files, never JPG's. Image information is lost when files are saved as JPG's. Once the images are uploaded into Lightroom and then Photoshop, the files are then converted from RAW format to Digital Negative Files (DNG) format. This preserves the file in its highest possible form directly from the camera.

Post production services afford us the opportunity to make a great image exceptional. Computer services and retouching enable us to further refine what clients envision their designs should encapsulate. Post production services come into focus when the client requests additional assistance beyond the capabilities of image capture. This includes image retouching, photo manipulation, layering and composite projects, or other areas where extensive Photoshop modifications are required.

Services We Provide

  • Apple MacBook Pro & iPad Pro used on the set
  • Full Photoshop/Lightroom Studio Services
  • High End Film Scanning - Imacon Film Scanner
  • Flatbed Film & Print Scanning
  • Traditional Color Prints
  • Digital Color Prints
  • Graphic Design - Brochures, Composites, Business Cards, etc.
  • Digital Media Archive Support

Once we return to the studio, the image is brought to life. Now we can transform what we have seen into something that wants to be seen. Our Photoshop services include altering skies, changing color schemes, creating wall elements where none previously existed, removing unwanted obstacles such as telephone poles, people, unkept landscape, and replacing them with more desirable elements, bringing an otherwise ordinary image into the realm of extraordinary.