First, there should be a preliminary walk-through with the client to discuss the client’s needs.

We need to address certain important elements such as decorative foliage, artwork, lighting, window fixtures, etc. While it is not possible to predict the weather days in advance, it is important to establish the time of day the shoot will take place, as sunlight plays a major role in the final lighting scenario. We use an Apple iPhone 11 Pro to assist us in deciding the best angle, time of day, which images to include in our final shot selections, and organizing images. These images are then placed on a contact sheet and sent via e-mail to you. This saves considerable time and expense as once the images are selected, the guesswork is removed from the variables where location and time of day and composition is concerned. This allows us to further refine the images we've already selected through the use of our DSLR's, professional lighting, and editing within the frame.