Would you consider using other formats?

Due to the maturity of the resolution and techniques available on a DSLR, the answer is no. We have decided to completely abandon the 4x5 view camera and it's shortcomings such as expense, inconsistencies of 4x5 film, as well as, other sophisticated film cameras in favor of the speed, accuracy, and consistency of the digital workflow. We use Apple MacBook Pro laptops and Apple iPad's while on the set so we can incrementally fine tune an image as we shoot. Before we leave the set, the client can personally see if the image captured satisfies their needs or if further tweaking is necessary. If the client is not on the set, the iPad affords us the opportunity to electronically send the image to the client for approval so they can see if we have captured what they need. The Fuji GX617 format camera was used for making our panoramic images. Now, techniques with the DSLR has replaced this older film technology. Not only are the files sharper with better resolution, they are incrementally larger, stitching x number of frames together versus 1 sheet of 2 1/4 medium format 617 film.